The happiness and satisfaction are always on a high level when we find a good, easy to be made drink with only 2 ingredients that burns calories and melt the body fat. Why? It’s simple. Nobody wants to lose his precious time preparing mails and drinks for hours. It’s a fast life, we want fast things.
That’s why we will show you the fast making recipe of only two ingredients, the lemon and the celery. They are a perfect duo that stimulates digestion and burn fat. The good thing is that you probably have these two ingredients at your home, so lets start!
Amazing Drink From Only 2 Ingredients That Melts Body Fat

Drink That Melts Body Fat
All you need is:
14 oz / 400 grams celery root
2.2 lbs / 1 kg lemon
How to prepare it:
Shred the 400g of celery root. Add 67 oz / 2l of water and shred the lemon peel. Cook it for about 20 minutes and let the mixture rest and cool for 5-6 hours. Juice 1 kg of lemons, and add the juice to the mixture. Strain using a sieve and keep the juice in glass bottles.
How to drink it:
Drink this juice for melting body fat three times a day, before every meal. Drink 3.3 oz / 100 ml each time, and you can also dissolve the juice in some water. Keep the drink for melting body fat in your fridge.

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