Not being able to get enough sleep is your worst nightmare as restful sleep is essential to cognitive function, cell renewal, hormonal balance, energy production, detoxification, a healthy immune system and so much more!

Can’t Fall Back Asleep? “Sleepy Dust”—An Unconventional Nutritional Remedy for Insomnia

The inability to fall or stay asleep is deeply rooted in poor blood sugar regulation, which in turn can make your stress hormone levels too high at night; keeping you WIDE AWAKE. So what can you do about it? In addition to working on your nutrition and balancing your blood sugar better throughout the day, sometimes you need a little “helper” that can help you fall back asleep– FAST (while you continue to work on your health of course). This crazy-simple sleep remedy from my friend Emily over at the Butter Believer blog does just that! So go ahead and read through her very thoughtful post, and try out her genius recipe! You’ll be glad you did 
“Have you ever woken up suddenly—only to see a glowing alarm clock reading 3:00 in the morning—and couldn’t fall back to sleep?
(And then that that annoying Matchbox 20 song pops into your head, too? Ugh.)
If so, you’re not alone. 42% of Americans reported waking up in the middle of the night, with 29% finding it difficult to fall back asleep, according to a research study done by the National Sleep Foundation. That’s the reason why there’s even special prescription drugs out there now that aren’t just sleep aids, but getting-back-to-sleep-aids. So many people struggle with this and don’t know how to fall back asleep.
Of course, I’m not exactly a big advocate for pharmaceutical drugs. Especially when there are natural remedies that work better, and without a paragraph of scary side effects attached to the label. This remedy is a lifesaver for those suffering from insomnia—which is not just the inability to fall asleep, but the inability to stay asleep, too.

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